A results-focused membership community that teaches entrepreneurs, small businesses, coaches, consultants, freelancers, and agency owners how to get published, paid, and featured by large publications such as Forbes, Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Fortune, SUCCESS Magazine, Fast Company, O Magazine, and more. 

You’ll learn how to build your business, increase revenue, make a global impact, and book lucrative global corporate training opportunities. 

Get Published

Become a contributor and have your written, audio, and video content published on the largest publications in the world. How amazing would it be to see your profile on Forbes, Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Fortune, SUCCESS Magazine, Fast Company, O Magazine, and more?

Get Paid

Not only is getting published in large publications great brand credibility for your business, but you can also get paid for your articles. Whoever said that you can’t have it all is wrong. You can create content for the millions of large publication readers, and you can generate thousand of additional dollars in extra revenue.

Build Your Business

Having your written, audio, and video content published on large publications can help you build a large email list, sell books and products, build a lead generation system, get paid to write, and bring in new consulting clients. Large publications are social proof that’s understood by all, and just what you need to get consumers to hop off the fence and do business with you. You can build every part of your business. 

Book Corporate Opportunities 

Corporations will spend $385 billion dollars on training and consultants this year according to Forbes. That number will increase to over $400 billion dollars in 2022. The average corporate consultant makes $175,000 a year according to USA Today. If you’ve never thought about booking corporate opportunities, you’re missing out. You can get paid per training, license your online courses per employee, and set up training programs. 

Listen, we get it.

You’ve used funnels, run paid ads, have a Facebook group, and tried all the latest marketing strategies. You’re posting consistently on social media but it feels like your message is getting lost in the noise. You feel like you’re still not reaching enough people. 

With over 4.5 billion people using the internet every day, the opportunity to reach potential clients is exciting, but the noise can be even louder. Your consumer is being inundated with ads, inbox sales offers, and constant retargeting. They just don’t know what to do, and they’re tired of not getting value.

The reality is that the online business space is a red ocean where everyone is trying to go after the same client base using the same strategies. Your consumer is tired of being sold to every day in a cold way.

They’ve spent thousands of dollars on courses, coaching, products, and services that didn’t deliver or weren’t the right fit. Some of their experiences have been good, some terrible. Your consumer has trauma from previous negative experiences, and it affects their decision-making when they look at what you offer.

You know that if you could just find a way to show more people the true value you bring to the table, you’ll be able to break through the noise and reach your next level of business growth. You’ll be able to find and book ideal clients. You’ll be able to charge for the content that you work so hard to create.

You’re Working Too Hard.

You’ve put your blood, sweat, and tears into developing your skills, and you know what you offer has undeniable value. You KNOW it’s time to significantly increase the number of people who recognize what your business does.

Right now, your ideal target customers are consuming more content. They’re in a different place in their value investing journey and are very particular about what they’ll invest in. Standing out and having brand authority is important. 

How much time are you spending: 

  • Working hard to find ideal clients who actually understand what you offer and are willing to invest.
  • Writing daily posts (all over the interwebs) that don’t convert into consistent sales, and that only a few dozen people will ever see.
  • Trying to break through the noise on social media, where every other post is from someone selling.
  • Fighting price shoppers who question the value of what you offer.

This is NOT how you should be spending your time. You should be spending your time making an impact and serving high-end clients who love to pay you and see your value clearly. You should be publishing content in the places that give you visibility, create more brand authority, and lead to increased revenue. 

And the way to do that? The way to stand out and attract these clients? And have people chase you to work with you because they know you’re worth every penny?

Get published & paid in large publications. Book corporate opportunities. 

 Hi, we’re Kimanzi and Cindy Constable

We’ve helped over two thousand entrepreneurs become contributors to over 100 large publications, and taught them how to leverage them to generate two million dollars plus for their business. We’ve help entrepreneurs secure over three million dollars in booked corporate training, licensing, and content services. 

This is in addition to us having been published in 80 large publications and magazines ourselves and having done corporate gigs in 79 countries. 

Join Published & Paid

Join a community of fire starters that are committed to getting published & paid this year. Learn how to make your content work for you. 

Think about it. 

You’re already creating and publishing content all the time on social media, but you don’t get to put “Featured by Facebook Newsfeed” on your website to build brand authority. So, why not put that content on a platform that will: 

  • Give you access to an always new and high-level audience of potential consumers. 
  • Build backlinks for your website so that you can leverage Google’s search results and maximize one of the most powerful inbound lead generation opportunities in the world. 
  • Get organic opportunities just because you have publications such as Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Inc. Magazine showcasing your expertise.  

The numbers tell a story:

  • Inc. Magazine gets 69.19 million monthly visitors.
  • Forbes gets 121.1 million monthly visitors.
  • Entrepreneur gets 63.13 million monthly visitors.
  • Fast Company gets 40.3 million monthly visitors.
  • Business Insider gets 100.8 million monthly visitors.

Maybe you already know about the power of large publications and tried, but one of these things happened…

  • You poured your heart into a piece just to get a rejection letter saying the article isn’t the “right fit at this time.”
  • The editor had you checking your inbox for weeks until you finally realized, “they’re not going to accept my pitch.”
  • You paid someone to get you featured and it turned out to be a high-cost flop.

All of these “failures” have left you thinking maybe you just can’t get in. And if you haven’t tried before, it’s probably because of one of these reasons: 

  • Someone, somewhere gave you the impression that large publications are reserved for industry leaders with millions of followers.
  • You were told you need more experience before you could get accepted.
  • Some little voice inside of you whispered, “I’m not good enough,” when you thought about giving it a shot. “Who am I to think I’m good enough to get a spot in Inc. Magazine? I don’t own a billion-dollar business.”

Sound about right? Listen, we’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs step into the shoes of success and get published & paid.

Take a Different Approach

There’s a way to get accepted as a contributor to large publications, and it just requires a strategy that no one is talking about. There are two types of approaches online…


Type one is doing what the industry has taught them. 

They’re on social media every day. Live streams for breakfast on Facebook, and outreach on LinkedIn for dinner. Putting in a ton of work and eventually finding a couple of willing leads who still want to undercut the price to “give you a shot.” 

Type one has an inconsistent lead generation system. Maybe they come across one “big” month where they get a high-ticket client and get to relax a little. They start to see the light just to find that the next month they’re back on the battlefield hunting for that next big break that is too far and few between to be sustainable.

Why does this happen? 

Because there is a LOT of bad advice out there. You’re being told that you’re not a real expert if you don’t have 10,000 hours under your belt. You’re being told that you have to hustle to build a 100,000 person following on Instagram to finally live the life you really want as an entrepreneur who has value to bring to the table. 

You’re being told to do everything other than the one thing that will make your entire industry stop in their tracks. But, let’s talk about type two. 


Type two is getting inquiries every day from high-level entrepreneurs and other publications. Type two is killing it and rarely gets questioned about their value because of the large publications they’re in. Why? Their ideal target consumers see their brand credibility.

Social proof is only effective if the person you’re marketing to gets it. There are a lot of things people might understand but they definitely understand being published & paid in Inc. Magazine, Forbes, Business Insider, Entrepreneurs, etc.

We teach entrepreneurs how to become contributors and use large publications to demonstrate their expertise. We teach you how to be in control of your destiny instead of chasing media attention. When you’re a contributor, people come to you — you don’t have to sell them on your value.

Join Published & Paid

Join a community of fire starters that are committed to getting published & paid this year. Learn how to make your content work for you. 

Welcome to the Published & Paid Membership Program 

This program is designed to help entrepreneurs, small businesses, coaches, consultants, content creators, freelancers, and agency owners get the training, knowledge, content, strategy, results, lessons, and insider tactics to get published & paid through large publications such as Forbes, Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Fortune, SUCCESS Magazine, Fast Company, O Magazine, and more. You’ll learn how to build your business, increase revenue, make a global impact, and book lucrative global corporate training opportunities. 

This is a self-paced and dripped-content membership program. Modules are released every seven days (from the time you join) in the membership area. Each module has five to seven lessons.

NOTE: you will have to wait seven days for new modules to be released — even if you finish the current module that you’re on. If you know that you don’t want to wait seven days for new modules, this is not the program for you and that’s okay 🙂 

Step-by-Step Training


Members get training videos, documents, and templates dripped out every seven days. There are twenty-four total modules with more to be added as we bring in guest instructors.
The lessons have models that are broken down into digestible pieces of training so that you can take action. You’ll learn all the insider strategies to get published & paid through large publications and book corporate opportunities. We’re going deep and giving you everything you’ll need to get results. 

An Amazing Private Community

Share your wins and lessons. Have a place to mastermind, network, partner, get motivated, and do homework with other fire starters like yourself. This is an active private community that’s just as committed to getting results as you are. 

Monthly Q&A Session

There are monthly Q&A sessions to make sure you get your questions answered. You’ll have hours each month to ask questions, get answers, and learn the questions other people ask. These LIVE Q&A sessions happen on the third Wednesday of every month at 12 pm Eastern Standard time. 

Bonus Training 

Members of Published & Paid will get to take part in virtual retreats once a quarter. These retreats will help you learn how to create content more efficiently, develop a content plan, leverage large publications, use content marketing to increase sales, and build better lead generation using your content.

There are also masterminds once a quarter on specific topics. These masterminds are broken down by your current business level and where you’ve been published. You’ll be able to mastermind with others that are at the same level as you. 

All of this is FREE within the Published & Paid community. 


There is no long term obligation to join or stay, and you can cancel at any time with 15 days’ notice.


Building a Solid Foundation
  • How to build the foundation of your business.
  • How to structure a business that scales.
  • How to create a foundation that helps editors understand what you do.
  • How to create a strategic content plan.
  • How to set up each of your platforms to be maximized for publications and paid opportunities.
  • The exact steps to set up a cold visitor optimized platform.
  • How to set up your website, social media, and email list to generate revenue.
  • The exact pages you need on your website, how each page should be set up, the critical elements that you need throughout your website.
  • How to set up and manage your social media platforms and email list in a way that maximizes traffic and will appeal to large publication editors. 
  • How to create an effective autoresponder series. 
  • How to create a full platform content plan. 
Building Social Proof and Pitching

  • How to build social proof that gets you published and paid.
  • The traditional business path to building social proof.
  • Everything you’ll need to know about getting published in large publications.
  • How to use large publications to get organic offers.
  • How to get into large publications such as The HuffPost, Entrepreneur Magazine, SUCCESS Magazine, AskMen, Mind Body Green, Fox News, The Good Men Project, Yahoo, Inc. Magazine, Fast Company, NBC News, Time Magazine, Forbes, Business Insider, Addicted 2 Success, CBS News, and so many more.
  • Updated editor and pitching strategies for large publications.
  • Our secret sauce to becoming a contributor to large and paid publications.
  • How to create large and paid publications pitches.
  • How to find the right editors at large and paid publications.
  • How to find contact info and exact email address.
  • The A to Z of pitching publications. 
Print and Paid Publications
  • The best approach to pitching paid publications.
  • The difference between the online and print edition of large publications.
  • How to pitch the print editions of large publications.
  • The best date, time, and way to pitch any publications.
  • How to actually write for large publications.
  • How to create a paid publications strategy that generates revenue through consistent page views and one-off submissions.  
  • How to find publications that pay.
  • How to find the editors at paid publications. 
  • How to pitch paid publications.
  • The best approach for pitch follow-up. 
  • How to get paid for your audio and video content. 
  • How to pitch your audio and video content to large and paid publications.
Leveraging Publications
  • How to structure your large publication articles to reach your ideal clients.
  • How to create strategic content for large publications.
  • How to set up each and maximize each large publication.
  • How to use large publication social proof to get clients and opportunities.
  • How to generate revenue through large publications.
  • How to use everything we’ve taught you to build your business.
Content Creation
  • How to set up your content to clearly demonstrates your expertise.
  • How to create content for your platforms in a way that leads to getting published & paid. 
  • How to write (the actual process of writing).
  • The different types of writing styles and how to pick which one. 
  • How to never run out of content ideas.
  • How to repurpose all of your online content.
  • How to create a system that allows you to write multiple articles a week.
Booking Corporate Opportunities
  • How to get organic consulting offers from companies, corporations, and conferences using a 20% strategy.
  • How to book corporate consulting gigs.
  • How to license your online courses per employee, per year. 
  • How to find the best corporations to target when you’re starting out. 
  • How to create consulting pitches that get opened. 
  • How to find the right decision-makers and how to find their email addresses. 
  • The best way to approach corporate decision-makers. 
  • Tools and software that help you book your first corporate gig. 
  • A proven system to book corporate consulting contracts.




It’s Time to Get Published & Paid

Get instant access to training, templates, a private community, and insider strategies that help you get published in large publications, book corporate opportunities, and learn how to leverage them to build your business. 


  • You’re an action taker.
  • You want quality training and great support at an affordable price.
  • You believe that speed of implementation is key and it doesn’t have to go be perfect, it just needs to get done.
  • You’re willing to put in the work consistently.
  • You’re tired of the Internet marketing BS.
  • You’re growing and looking for an edge to reach your next growth level. 
  • You want to learn the strategy so that you can “fish” for yourself. 

This program is step-by-step. You will learn how to create the right foundation, how to find and pitch large and PAID publications, see real-life examples, learn how to book all kinds of corporate opportunities, and get access to documents that will help you build a business. 

The self-paced and dripped-content training modules will teach you how to start from the very beginning, how to build, and how to get published & paid as you build. If you have the experience, this program will teach you how to use that experience to make an impact in front of millions, while using large publications and corporate opportunities to build your business.


  • You don’t believe that you’re going to succeed.
  • You believe that your membership will be a do it once and forget it.
  • You’re not ready to invest in your business.
  • You’re looking for something that will get you paid next week (get-rich-quick training).
  • You’re not willing to write, pitch, and do the work. 
  • You want all the content at once (you can’t wait for dripped content). 
  • You want to join, get as much training as possible in one month, and then want to quit. 
  • You’re looking for connections to editors and corporate decision-makers. 

This program will not be what you typically see. We won’t be teaching you high-level strategies that sound good but aren’t practical. We won’t be teaching you tactics that worked five years ago but won’t work now.

We won’t be teaching you strategies such as paying for a press release in the classified sections of publications. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What day each week are the training sessions?

This is NOT a live program. This is a self-paced and dripped-content membership program. New training modules are released every seven days from the time that you joined. There are 24 training modules. 

Do I still get access to the program if I cancel my membership?

No. If you decide to cancel your membership, you will no longer have access to program content or the private community. 

Can I get a refund if I don’t like Published & Paid?

We don’t offer refunds. However, you’re on a monthly plan with no long term obligation. You can cancel at any time with a15 days’ notice.

Am I able to ask Cindy and Kimanzi questions through email or on social media?

No. This program does not come with personal access to Cindy and Kimanzi for questions, support issues, or pitch review. However, Cindy and Kimanzi are active in the private community, and you get to ask them questions directly on the monthly Q&A sessions. For any support related issues, email our team at team@rgicai.com

I’m new to large publications. Will this be too “advanced” for me?

Nope. Newcomers to the world of large publications are welcome to join and learn. Whether you’re working on your first large or paid publication — or even if you’ve been published in 100 publications — Published & Paid will help you out.

And if you’re worried you’ll feel overwhelmed by this, don’t be. We don’t just throw you into Published & Paid and let you fend for yourself. We give you specific instructions on which training programs to do first, then which ones after that, so you have a clear path to follow.

If you ever feel confused, a Published & Paid customer service team member is just one email away! We also introduce every new member to Published & Paid so that everyone can shower you with love! You’ll feel like you’re part of our family in no time.

I’m a seasoned. Is Published & Paid too “beginner level” and “basic” for me?

Let us ask you: are you published in at least three large publications that are paying you at least five-figures a month? If not, then this Published & Paid is not too basic for you. It’s exactly what you need to next-level your business and revenue, and we’d love to have you!

As a seasoned business owner, you’ll get inspired by others who are operating at your level and higher, you’ll learn a ton from our students that have been published in Forbes, Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Fortune, SUCCESS Magazine, Fast Company, O Magazine, and more. You might learn a thing or two. 

Here’s what we’ll tell you. Expect to adjust your business and leverage the power of large publications. You’ll be able to join exclusive masterminds and virtual retreats (quarterly) that Cindy and Kimanzi only reserve for those generating $20k per month or more. You get access for free as a member of Published & Paid. 

I want one-to-one coaching. Is that possible?

Yes. As a Published & Paid member, you can purchase 1:1 coaching sessions with Cindy and Kimanzi within your membership portal. 

Can your team create large publication pitches for me?

Yes. As a Published & Paid member, you can purchase done-for-you pitches in the membership portal. 

I don’t live in the US. Can I join?

Yes. We welcome Published & Paid members from all over the world. 

What happens after I join?

Almost immediately after purchase, you’ll receive a welcome email with access to your membership portal. In the portal, you’ll be able to join our private Facebook community and access to training content and documents. 

Can I join with my business partner/team/spouse?

Membership is for only one person. So, if you wanted to experience the awesomeness with anyone else, they would also have to join. 

Are there any guarantees that I'll get published & paid?

As good as we are, we can’t guarantee a publication will think your topic is the right fit at the right time. There are lots of factors to get published & paid, and most of those factors are outside of our control. We also can’t make you do the work. For that reason, we don’t make guarantees. What we can tell is that we’re good at this. We’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs get published & paid. We’re going to teach you a winning formula. 

I have another question that’s not addressed here?

Email us at team@rgicai.com

It’s a great time to get published on the world’s largest publications and leverage them to build your business. We can help. Join our community of fire starters.