Where do I go if I'm having technical or support issues?

For any issues at all, email our team at team@rgicai.com. We got your back! You won’t get help by messaging Cindy or Kimanzi directly. 

How long should I wait to follow up?

The editors at Forbes, SUCCESS, and Fortune use email tracking blockers. Meaning, your tracking software is not giving you the full picture. Be sure to stick to the seven-business-day follow-up protocol outlined in Module 2.

How can I find ways to create more interesting email subject lines?

ActiveCampaign has a free subject line generator that’s pretty good. It generates subject lines based on three categories and they do create curiosity: https://www.activecampaign.com/fre…/subject-line-generator

Can I choose the image a publication uses for my articles?

No, those are chosen by the publication.

What type of editor am I looking for when pitching one-off/freelancer type of paid publications?

You’re looking for the editor that handles features, op-eds, essays, and freelance contributors. Side note: the features editor is also who you would pitch if you wanted to be featured (highlight, not contribute) by a large mainstream publication.

I see in the group that editors are responding. Why hasn’t the editor responded to my pitch?

Responsive doesn’t mean they’ll respond to everyone that pitches. Editors and publications are responsive when they think a possible contributor — and what they’re pitching — is a good fit. If your foundation, writer’s social proof, and pitch ideas are not what they’re looking for, they won’t respond. If that’s the work that needs to be done, focus on that vs trying to get pitches out the door just because editors are responsive.

If I am only focused on being accepted as an author/contributor to publications, can I do that with my personal brand?

Large publications aren’t just looking for people that can write — they’re looking for people that can write about a specific “umbrella” topic. They won’t consider you if they’re not clear on how your expertise would help their audience. They want content that’s practical and solves pain points. A general personal branded website without a clear message and topic doesn’t do that. So, whether you brand it as personal or as an agency, the topic has to be clear on what you teach and why it’s important.

Can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel anytime with 15 days’ notice. You can do that right from your profile. If you’re having trouble, send us an email at team@rgicai.com

Can I get a refund?

We don’t offer refunds of any kind for any reason.