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Large Publication Pitch Workshop 


In this workshop, we show you how to create pitches for large and paid publications. 

We’ll be teaching you:
  • The pitch structure large publication editors expect to see in a pitch that’s sent to them. 
  • The six elements of pitch that have gotten our clients published in over one hundred large publications and magazines. 
  • The #1 strategy to make sure editors open your large publication pitch. 
  • How to create a killer opening that gets an editor to want to read on.
  • How to structure your bio in a way that showcases how awesome you are. 
  • The best way to showcase your knowledge and experience of the topic you teach. 
  • How to craft topic ideas that fit the large publication you’re pitching, and that gets you accepted. 
  • The strategy to end large publication pitches that ensures spam filters won’t pick up your pitch.

The Pitch Template can be found underneath the videos. 

Pitch Workshop Training Video

Live Q&A Recording

Click on the Button to Download Your Pitch Template

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