Marketing on the Internet is hard work.

You see billions of people using social media and visiting websites to buy products, find services, and learn. Somehow, you’re not reaching enough of those people. 

If you could reach even a portion of those billions of consumers, you’d be able to get new customers, generate more revenue, and build your business.

While those billions of consumers scroll the Internet, they’re inundated with lots of noise every single day. Other entrepreneurs and large companies are constantly selling to them. 

That means you’ll need to market what you offer in a way that stands above the noise — that’s easier said than done.


Market what you offer in a way that stands above the noise…

To reach consumers and stand above the noise, you’ll have to consistently:

  • Create value posts on social media consistently that educate potential clients. You have to feed the beast.
  • Show up on social media in your stories and live video because people are visual, and a behind-the-scenes look into what you do appeals to consumers.
  • Send out email newsletter content to build your email list and convert those reading your emails into customers.
  • Publish blogs posts on your website, podcast episodes to reach the audio-only audience, and YouTube videos to reach an audience that doesn’t frequent the regular social media networks.
  • Create TONS of sales messages and posts — you can’t generate more revenue without selling.

You probably feel tired reading this.

What’s wild is that this is your everyday experience and reality as a high five-figure to multiple six-figure entrepreneur. On top of all the work to market your business, you need to fulfill what you just sold. This means creating an amazing client experience, and that’s even more work.

Think about this:
  • What if you could market your business, reach new potential customers, and generate more revenue in a way that didn’t add more work? 

  • What if you could reach more potential customers in a place that doesn’t have the ever-growing levels of noise on social media?

  • What if you could build your email list and add the social proof to your brand that your potential customers understand and trust? 

  • What if you could get paid for your content instead of creating thousands of pieces of content for free?

Sound too good to be true? It’s not.

In fact, a community of entrepreneurs has discovered the incredible opportunities that come from large publications. 

Getting published on large publications such as Forbes, Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Fortune, SUCCESS Magazine, Fast Company, O Magazine, and more builds businesses.


 Inc. Magazine gets 69.19 million monthly visitors.

Forbes gets 121.1 million monthly visitors.

Entrepreneur gets 63.13 million monthly visitors.

Fast Company gets 40.3 million monthly visitors.

Business Insider gets 100.8 million monthly visitors.

SUCCESS Magazine receives 20 million monthly visitors.

That’s just a tiny sampling of the thousands of publications that have an audience in the billions. 


How to Create a Large Publication Pitch Workshop ($27)



Would it help your business to be seen in front of over 100 million people each month? 

If you’ve read up to this point, it’s safe to assume that getting published in large publications and using them as a marketing strategy is something that interests you. 

The question then becomes — how can you pitch large publications, and what does that pitch look like?

That’s what the How to Create a Large Publication Pitch Workshop will teach you, along with giving you a large publication pitch template. 

Check out a few of our success stories!


  • You’re an action taker.
  • You appreciate quality training at an affordable price.
  • You believe that implementation is crucial, and it doesn’t have to be perfect; it just needs to get done.
  • You’re willing to put in the work.
  • You’re tired of the Internet marketing BS.
  • You want to learn the strategy so that you can pitch for yourself.


We feel like this workshop will be great for many entrepreneurs, but some shouldn’t consider this. Don’t get the workshop if:

  • You’re not willing to put in the work it’s going to take. 
  • You’re hoping this is the “one thing” that makes up for all the other investments you’ve made online. 
  • You’re looking for something that will get you paid next week (get-rich-quick training).
  • You’re looking for connections to editors.
  • You’re expecting to get more training than just learning how to create a pitch.

This workshop will teach you how to create large publication pitches.

This workshop will NOT teach how to find editors and the process of becoming a contributor to large publications. We have our Published & Paid program that teaches those things. Don’t join this workshop if you’re expecting to learn more than how to create a large publication pitch. This workshop specifically focuses on creating large publication pitches.



  • The pitch structure large publication editors expect to see in a pitch that’s sent to them. 
  • The six elements of pitch that have gotten our clients published in over one hundred large publications and magazines. 
  • The #1 strategy to make sure editors open your large publication pitch. 
  • How to create a killer opening that gets an editor to want to read on.
  • How to structure your bio in a way that showcases how awesome you are. 
  • The best way to showcase your knowledge and experience of the topic you teach. 
  • How to craft topic ideas that fit the large publication you’re pitching, and that gets you accepted. 
  • The strategy to end large publication pitches that ensures spam filters won’t pick up your pitch.

The How to Create a Large Publication Pitch Workshop is loaded with nothing but practical and tangible information on creating pitches that get you accepted into large and paid publications.

This is NOT a webinar. You won’t get a pitch at the end of this workshop for any of our programs. 

This is a value-packed workshop that gives you everything you’ll need to create amazing large publication pitches, and we give you a plug-and-play pitch template.

We made the How to Create a Large Publication Pitch Workshop an affordable $27 .

We want to help more entrepreneurs get published in large publications and stop depending on organic social media marketing as their primary client acquisition strategy.

What You’ll Get


A practical workshop on how to create a large publication pitch — step by step.

large publication pitch template

A downloadable plug-and-play large publication pitch template that you can use after the workshop and for years to come.


The exact blueprint to create a pitch for large publications.

Meet Your Hosts

Hi, we’re Kimanzi and Cindy Constable!

We’ve helped over two thousand entrepreneurs become contributors to over 100 large publications, and taught them how to leverage them to generate two million dollars plus for their business. We’ve help entrepreneurs secure over three million dollars in booked corporate training, licensing, and content services. 

This is in addition to us having been published in 80 large publications and magazines ourselves and having done corporate gigs in 79 countries. 

Join the workshop and learn how to create pitches for large publications such as Forbes, Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Fortune, SUCCESS Magazine, Fast Company, O Magazine, and more.

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