MODULE 10 (Corporate Training)

This session covers how to create consulting presentations, how to structure consulting training’s, the how and what of doing a consulting presentation or Keynote at a company, what happens behind closed doors, and extra tips to make sure the company wants to rebook you (handouts, pre-gig assessments, after gig surveys). 

**This session is being taught by Dr. Bill Dyment (**
Dr. Bill is a global personal development and corporate change management, consultant. To date, he has delivered 2730 seminars to 507 of America’s Fortune 500 companies, universities, health institutions, and charitable organizations. 
Some of the places he’s consulted include ABC Television, Accenture, American Red Cross, Boeing, CBS Corp, Cigna Health, Hyundai, IBM, Yahoo, Yamaha (you can see the full list here: 
He is a frequent radio guest and has written numerous professional publications. In addition to his ongoing corporate consulting, he frequently works with organizations to prevent and respond to critical incidents including workforce changes, accidents, mental health crises, and violence.
Dr. Bill has 25 years of expertise and experience and has done gigs in Africa, South America, Europe, the Caribbean, and Mexico.

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